Turku – European Capital of Culture

Turku has everything! It is just the right size, cosy, and close to the sea – with good connections to almost everywhere in the world.

High quality schools, services, good shopping possibilities, and quick commutes are just some of the concrete benefits valued by residents. Trade and education related international interaction has made the city open to new trends.

The multicultural nature of the city is apparent in the broad spectrum of nationalities, languages: roughly 100 languages are spoken in the city, and about 130 different nationalities are represented here.

Turku – Economic centre of the area

Turku’s economic structure is very diverse. It is supported by an extensive education and training provision.
Top expertise in several different business sectors, as well as unique innovations, are the strengths of today’s Turku: the maritime and metal industries in the region have an exceptionally broad subcontractor network, and half of Finland’s pharmaceutical industry is based in the Turku region. 

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