Good entrepreneurship atmosphere in Kaarina

According to The Regional Forecast of 2014, Kaarina’s entrepreneurial atmosphere and cooperation between the municipality and entrepreneurs were judged to be the best in the region. 

In research carried out in 2013 by Taloustutkimus into municipalities’ images Kaarina had, for the second year in a row, the best image in Finland amongst companies.

Kaarina’s aim is to use its business policy to continue to facilitate companies’ success and the right conditions for growth. From a logistics perspective, Kaarina is perfectly situated alongside the E18 motorway. New business plots are concentrated in the vicinity of the motorway junctions.






Finland’s most creative municipality

Maritime Kaarina is, by principle, resident-focused, open, brave and fair.

In the development of Kaarina’s centre, attention has been paid to both residential and recreational needs, as well as commercial and service needs.

Kaarina was chosen as Finland’s most creative municipality in 2009.

Entrepreneurship in Kaarina (in Finnish).