Smooth flow of logistics

Turku region offers the best freight connections from Finland to Scandinavia. There are almost ten boat departures from the region to Stockholm every day, and Sweden’s most densely populated areas are at most a day away from Turku.
Congestion-free traffic is a true benefit for logistic operations in the Turku region – an advantage that cities with over a million inhabitants can’t offer.

  • Almost 90 million people live within a 1,000 km radius of Turku 
  • Approximately 16,000 people in 2,600 companies are employed in the sector in the region


Is your business focused on Scandinavia and Russia?

From a logistical point of view, Turku region is the best option for companies focusing on Scandinavian and Russian markets. Located in the region, you can easily oversee the whole supply management chain, while single consignments travel safely, flexibly, cost effectively and quickly.

Today, a large part of the flow of goods to and from northern Europe goes through Turku and Naantali. The area’s logistic services have developed to be very diverse, with hundreds of companies offering related services.

Martinex, a family-run business, is a manufacturer and wholesaler of gifts, household items and toys. We send, for example, Moomin products and Afrikan tähti (Star of Africa) games from Raisio all around the world. The Turku region is a good place as the logistics service processes work, and the location is fantastic – perfectly situated between east and west.” Logistics Director Jari Korpela, Martinex Oy