Incubation services are intended for innovative new companies looking for growth from the start.

The business incubators support and speed up development at the company’s initial stage.

Turku Science Park Oy’s business incubator serves new businesses that are based on a high level of expertise, and those considering starting a business. 200 new businesses have started up in the incubator.The majority of the businesses operate within the bio and ICT sectors, but your idea could just as well be related to other technology sectors, or a combination of them.

The creative sectors’ incubator Creve serves new companies just starting operations in the sector. During the time it has been running, Creve has worked with over 29 companies. Of these, 16 have already moved on from incubator phase. Almost all are still operating and increasing their operations.

Boost Turku ry is a student driven association focused on high-growth entrepreneurship. Its operations aim to activate and encourage students and researchers into high-growth entrepreneurship, to make the necessary resources available to potential companies, and to create networks connecting entrepreneurially minded students, alumni and growth companies.