Mynämäki is investing in energy efficiency

Mynämäki is an active municipality, investing in ecological values. New energy saving methods are being innovated and implemented in the municipality. Mynämäki is, for example, implementing regional heating solutions in its town planning.

Mynämäki – entrepreneurship and rural services (in Finnish). 

Excellent conditions for business

The municipality’s central location close to good transport connections
(Finnish National Road 8 and Kustavintie) and a good provision of premises and plots make Mynämäki an attractive location for entrepreneurship.

In addition to the industrial areas of Mietoinen and Roukkuli, there is a variety of other places outside the planned area, available for companies to establish themselves in. 

The section of Finnish National Road 8 between Raisio and Nousiainen is to be converted into a motorway by the second half of 2016, further improving the logistic benefits of Mynämäki.