Say goodbye to traffic jams
Commutes in the Region are quick. You don’t have to waste time sitting in traffic jams. Walking and cycling are also good way to go, for the distances are short.

Find the house of your dreams
While accommodation in the Turku region is truly affordable, the possibilities are almost endless: from the peaceful countryside to the pulse of the city, and form seaside and riverbanks to the concrete suburbs – Turku region has it all!there are also a wide range of opportunities: whether you love the peace of the countryside or the pulse of the city; sea, river or lake; loft flats or concrete suburbs, the Turku region has it all!


Extensive public services
The Region offers extensive public services from free time to public bus: language immersion class, indoor halls for sports, libraries and concerts. Explore other free time activities on offer!

The world’s most beautiful archipelago
The Turku archipelago offers opportunities for the region’s inhabitants, tourists and companies. With over 20,000 islands, the area provides a perfect setting for cottage weekends, boating, cycling, hiking, and even year-round living. Business-wise, the archipelagic service providers can offer for example once-in-a-lifetime conference experiences in the unique nature..